What is Red Rock Press?

Red Rock is an independent book publisher based in New York City and Telluride, Colorado. We produce beautiful, handsome and entertaining gift books for adults and for children.


If I want to order a Red Rock Press book for my stationery shop, garden store, gift store, ice cream store, etc., whom do I contact?

Sales Director: Richard Barth


Where can I find a Red Rock or Red Pebble title?

For retail purchasers, contact Sales@redrockpress.com or Amazon

205 West 57th Street
Suite 8B
New York, NY 10019
T: 212.362.8304
F: 212.362.6216



Special Discounts

If you are a charity, or purchasing 100 + books of a single title to use as a premium or prize, discuss your wish with Richard@redrockpress.com

For Subsidiary and Translation Rights contact:

Ilene Barth
Red Rock Press
Tel: 212.362.8304
Fax: 212.362.6216
Email: Rights@RedRockPress.com

Queries from news media:

Please contact Publicity@RedRockPress.com or call us at 212.362.8304.

What is your postal address?

Red Rock Press
205 West 57th Street
Suite 8B
New York, N.Y. 10019

Who are the publishers?

Creative Director Ilene Barth was a Senior Editor and nationally-distributed book critic and columnist for Newsday, before starting Red Rock Press in 1999.

Business Manager Richard Barth is a veteran businessman, novelist and designer.

Who else is Red Rock Press?

We are only as good as our authors, illustrators, and book designers. They include Tor Anderson, Tordesigns, Telluride, CO; Kathy Herlihy Paoli, Inkstone, Missoula, MT; Susan Smilanic, Studio 21, Durango, CO; Dawn DeVries Sokol, D. Design Studio, Phoenix, AZ; and Lori Malken, Pittsburgh PA.

How do I contact Red Rock Press?

Red Rock Press
205 West 57th Street
Suite 8B
New York, NY 10024

Phone: 212.362.8304
Fax: 212.362.6216

Email addresses: