Shopping and Collecting

101 Things to Buy Before You Die

By Maggie Davis & Charlotte Williamson
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Do you love owning at least a few very special things? Maggie Davis and Charlotte Williamson do. As chic and dedicated shoppers their mission has been to find the very best product in 101 categories, be it the richest coffee, the most lavish silk scarf, the man’s suit of a lifetime or motor scooter. They believe in heritage items---those of classic high quality wedded to fabulous style.

Women will be guided to the top little black dress. T-shirts for both sexes are also selected. Number One goodies include the most fabulous of accessories and grooming products, the most magnificent champagne and claret, the world’s greatest olive oil. No reader will want to miss the Portuguese hand-painted tiles or fine linens in the Home section. If you want to know where on the planet to locate the finest diamond ring or handmade brogues, you’ll find the answer here. Stores, websites and prices are given for all locations

Maggie Davis & Charlotte Williamson shop the globe. Maggie is Consume Editor of Time Out, and Charlotte is a newspaper features editor. Maggie Davis’ favorite shopping destination is India (check out her spice market recommendations); she can’t live without Elemis Pro-Collage face cream and Blue Cult jeans. Charlotte Williamson will choose Paris in a heartbeat as her favorite shopping town. Her personal must-haves include Shalimar perfume, L'Artisan du Chocolat truffles and cashmere sox.
“The definitive list of what you can’t afford to live without.”
Elle Magazine
“For those who refuse to spend hard-earned dollars on anything less than the best!”
The New York Post
“A beautiful idea to fuel the desires of shopping fantasists.”
“A witty, whirlwind guide to some of the best purchases on the planet.”
San Diego Union
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Collecting Under the Radar

by Michael Hogben and Linda Abrams
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In this downbeat economy, most of us look for hidden value or want ways to accumulate savings. Here, two experts on collectibles clue us in to the stuff we have stashed away in our attics, basements, or garages that may be worth more than we think, if not today, then tomorrow. Michael Hogben and Linda Abrams are also indispensable guides to finding the hidden treasures at flea markets, tag sales and community auctions. Unlike other books that deal with antiques and memorabilia, this one tells us exactly how to find treasures in the trash and where. Among the authors’ hundreds of recommendations: grandma’s old jet or bone buttons, dad’s fishing lures, Aunt Susan’s old watering can. Lucky finds might also include a 1920’s bureau, a 1960’s aluminum bowl, a snakeskin wallet or a matchbox car.

Section Heads:
Home Beautiful of Yesterday
How We Wined and Dined
Past Pastimes
The Best of Whatever
Old Playthings
Still Looking Good

“This book makes other books on collectibles look antique!"
Mid-America Books
“Tricks of the trade to help you build your confidence and achieve success.”
“How to find a bargain and how to build a collection of items ranging from McDonald’s toys to phone cards to novelty salt and pepper shakers.”
“An inside look at what really happens at auctions and antique fairs.”
Antiques and Collectables
Innovative suggestions demonstrate a keen appreciation of what will be valuable in the future. This illustrated reference is a great idea.”
Antiques Magazine