School and College Daze

Thank You, Teacher, Because...

by Daisy Barth

Hardcover $9.95

The charmingly-illustrated book by a pre-teen that tells what real kids appreciate about certain real teachers. A few of the many thank-you reasons are:

You answer stupid questions.
You appreciate Halloween.
You laugh at my jokes.
You never run out of pencils.
You tell good stories.
You don't play favorites.
I can believe that you were once young.

Teacher Window open the window.
...cobwebs don’t grow between my fingers
waiting for you to call on me.
Teacher Cobwebs
Teacher Spinach know there are things self-respecting
kids won’t eat.

Wisdom & Wack for the Graduate

Compiled by Kate Barth
Illustrations by Neil Shapiro

Hardcover, $14.95


Each commencement season has its pearls of wit and weirdness. Here, in handy hard-cover form, are true gems of guidance for the new graduate.

Neil Shapiro’s brilliant and hilarious illustrations guarantee that the new high school or college grad will absolutely take notice—and thank the book giver for this wickedly, wonderful gift.

From Wisdom & Wack:

"I note that you are dressed in black. Why all the gloom?"
—Richard H. Brodhead
Dean of Yale College
Yale University, May 23, 2004
"So, what's it like in the real world? Well, the food is better, but beyond that, I don't recommend it."
—Bill Watterson
Creator of Calvin and Hobbes
Kenyon College, May 20, 1990

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