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Lust, Love and Longing

by Eileen Morgan


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"Heaven sends down love as a flame falls in the hay," an Egyptian poet exulted five millennia ago.

Lust, Love and Longing is a dazzling compendium of the best that has ever been said about those crazy feelings we call love. This romp through romantic history reveals how gods and mortals, royalty and peasants, mystics and cynics have viewed passion since the beginning of time. Alluring art also tells the world's oldest and newest story.

romance, books, loveScreen Sizzlers... "You think I want an affair with you? Well, maybe you wouldn't be bad to have an affair with." —Marlon Brando to Vivien Leigh; A Streetcar Named Desire, Warner Bros., 1951

Table of Contents

Ch. 1: The Gods Are Crazy
Ch. 2: Delicacies of Desire
Ch. 3: Champion Lovers
Ch. 4: Heaven Help Us!
Ch. 5: How the Birds & Bees Do It
Ch. 6: History-Making Affairs
Ch. 7: Screen Sizzlers
Ch. 8: Advice to the Lustlorn
Ch. 9: Love's Martyrs
Ch. 10: Passionate Words

Critics on Lust, Love and Longing...

"Wit & Cupid: Now comes another deadly sin in book form...covers love gods, aphrodisiacs and advice on love through the ages, from the original Latin lover, Ovid, to Internet romance expert, Breakup Girl.'The corker,' Morgan told PEOPLE, 'is that Cupid was a married man and quite a hunk. Only as his myth aged did he shrink into the cherub we know today.' Fearless and funny. Lavishly illustrated." —PEOPLE Magazine online

Author Eileen Morgan was recently featured on ABC Network News as the newest romance and sex expert.

"Dazzling!" — The Complete Woman

This wonderful book "explores the height and depth, delicacy and demands of a very pervasive and strong emotion. Highly recommended." — Midwest Book Review

"Running out of sweet nothings to whisper in his ear? LUST, LOVE and LONGING reveals the sweet burning words of poets, the humor-glazed tales of romantic adventures along with juicy details of affairs that altered history and sizzling movie moments. Pick up a copy at bookstores!" — Couples Magazine

A Valentine for All Seasons

"From the sin series, the delightfully-illustrated Lust, Love and Longing celebrates passion through history, with attention to aphrodisiacs, famous lovers and couples, screen quotes and more. Recommended." —Sarah Krall, Gifts Magazine

romance, books, love

Advice to the Lustlorn...

"At noon I observed a bevy of nude, native young ladies bathing in the sea, and I went down and sat on their clothes to keep them from being stolen." —Mark Twain

Amusing and seductive, Lust, Love and Longing is the ideal gift for someone whose heart you hope to win or keep.


Red Rock Press is delighted to announce that Lust, Love and Longing by Eileen Morgan is the winner of the prestigious Eric Hoffer Book Award.

Lust, Love, and Longing is a dazzling compendium of the best that has ever been written about those crazy feelings we call love, illustrated with the world's greatest romantic art.

Find out more about the artistic Lust and the other classic sins by perusing our thoughtful and entertaining Sin Series collection. Not one, but two, major literary reviews have heaped glowing praise on this collection, declaring that no home library should be without it. Click here for more info.

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Envy, Anger & Sweet Revenge:
Hey, It Works in Hollywood

by Stephen M. Silverman



Make time for a good time. That's what you'll find in Stephen M. Silverman's wickedly funny, extravagantly illustrated guide to the nether regions, where Envy, Anger and Sweet Revenge rule the day - and the nights are a lot of fun, too. With a Tinsel Town spin, the author leads us through the comedic depths and dramatic shallows of some of the greatest scenes ever played - for audiences, and in stars' not-so-private lives.

Table of Contents

Wherein the author tells us he's not really a jealous guy or an angry guy or a vengeful soul. We'll let you be the judge of that.

Hollywood didn't invent the primal emotions although it sure knows how to play them. Hail to the ancient visionaries who handed out the first Academy Awards, the "Homers!"

The magnificent and hilarious ways of jealous lovers, studio rivals and other ego-injured stars.

Angry explosions on and off screen; if you run into certain celebrities, the author's advice is: duck.

Movies do anger very well. And you can't credit it all to the actors and directors. No one knows rage better than screenwriters.

Revenge makes all that envy and anger worthwhile, and occasionally the plotting pays off as well in real life as it does in fiction.

This is the Hollywood version!

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Gluttony: More is More

by Nan Lyons


Also available as an e-book from Apple/ibooks and Amazon

Table of Contents

Ch. 1: Separation of Church and Fate
Ch. 2: Fabulous Feasts
Ch. 3: Haute Bloat
Ch. 4: Bacchus to the Future
Ch. 5: Custard's Last Stand
Ch. 6: Food Fetishes from Rome to Nome
Ch. 7: A Quiche in the Dark
Ch. 8: Cinema Gastronomique
Ch. 9: Toques Off to Dreamers

From the author of the best-selling Someone is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe, comes this high-spirited tour de force of food history and dining extravagance, accompanied by glorious dining art from the world over.

"The voluptuous quality of chocolate, with its satiny, melt in the mouth enticement, might be the closest thing to making love that a lonelyheart has on a cold winter's night. Now, doesn't that make those calories worth it?"

Carte Blanche Recipe Sampler

Star-Sparkle Champagne Punch
Birthright Pottage
Diamond Jim Oyster Stew
Scripture Cake
Henry VIII Gingerbread
Wicked Waffles & Ice Cream
Devil's Own Devil'sFood Cake
Apicius' Asparagus Patina
Baked Foie Gras a la Varenne
Careme's Royal Filet of Beef
Escoffier's Lobster Newburg
Tom Jones' Fried Chicken
Gilded Chocolate & Cognac Truffles

Press Raves for Gluttony: More is More...

"Nan Lyons' Gluttony: More is More is a celebration of eating with gusto. It's as diabolical as her Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? It's a hash of history by fork and goblet, a whimsical stew of wisdom from Balzac ('Temptations can be got rid of. How? By yielding to them.' ) to Miss Piggy ('Never eat more than you can lift.') to Humphrey Bogart ('The whole world is about three drinks behind.') And there are recipes for real people, like miracle meatloaf and chocolate peanut-butter pie. A gift for the pal who's tasted everything." —Gael Greene, New York Magazine

"A lot more fun than counting carbohydrates...Nan Lyons is a woman with a love of food, life and with a penchant for laughter. —Lynne Rosetto Kasper, Splendid Table, NPR

"Finally, a book that celebrates eating and drinking without the guilt! Nan Lyons exalts traditions of wining and dining from the Old Testament through the Middle Ages to the present. Gluttony is interspersed with wonderful artwork plus amusing quotes from the likes of Virginia Woolf, Dylan Thomas, Alexei Tolstoy and Miss Piggy. The book also has a carefully-selected collection of recipes to tempt even the most iron-willed among us. Gluttony: More is More is the perfect gift for any foodie friend, gourmet or gourmond in your life. —Ann-Rebecca Laschever, Newsweek

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Greed & Its Rewards

by Drew Fetherston



You deserve this beautifully-illustrated exploration of the itch for riches from King Midas to software emperor Bill Gates.

How rich was Croesus, anyway? And who should be credited with the "most marbles" (in today's dollars): John D. Rockefeller or Warren Buffet?

Author Drew Fetherston, a two-time Pulitzer finalist, is as amusing as he is astute. He looks at both the hopes and bottom lines of magnificent dreamers and schemers, giving readers the lowdown on treasure hunts from the South Sea Bubble to the money games people play today.

In brief bits, he consults the gods of Fortune, pops into literature and goes to the movies (remember Greed or Wall Street?) to find out what we really think about wealth.

He also visits spectacular swindles. Yes, Virginia there was a Ponzi.

Take a look at the cover of Greed above. Are those suits picking each other's pockets? You bet they are.

Red Rock Press "Why has no one sent me yet, One perfect limousine, do you suppose? Ah no—it's always my luck to get One perfect rose." —Dorothy Parker

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Sloth: Ode to Disarray & Delay

by Dale Burg


Available as an e-book for couch-potato shoppers from Apple/ibooks and Amazon


Humor writer Dale Burg's narrative is great fun. Spinning off the Chaos Theory of universal evolution, she "scientifically proves" that we're meant to relax and let life take its course. Includes such goodies as The Sloth Style Guide, illustrated by the little-known Picasso costume-series watercolors.

Sloth: Ode to Disarray & Delay will reform absolutely no one, save those capable of having a good laugh at the rat race. It's the perfect present for overachievers who secretly yearn to relax.

Red Rock Press
Barbara Szerlip


"Housework, if done right, can kill you."
- Erma Bombeck

Sloth's author creates a Slackers Hall of Fame, and gleefully reminds readers of individuals whose "betters" decided they had no promise. Such early flops include Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Joe DiMaggio, Woody Allen and Bill Gates.

Listing all Sloth's delightful topics here might tire you out, and we don't want to do that. Let us just say that its readers will get to rest their eyes frequently on comic and fine paintings of people napping or thinking life over from the vantage of a hammock.

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Vanity: The Art of Looking Good

by Linda Abrams


$21.95 (Almost sold out!)

Available as an e-book from Apple/ibooks and Amazon

This spectacularly illustrated book is a witty exploration of what men and women have done to look good since the beginning of fashion history.

Self-adornment appears a universal urge, whether followed for tribal or class designation or to show off—which really means trying to move up in status. Chasing style, even suffering for it, is a race that started millennia ago. We celebrate ourselves, our social group and try to heighten sexual allure in what we wear and how we decorate our skin. To be human is to dress up.

This dazzling book will give you many creative ideas (in clothes and personal beauty) to enhance your personal look.

Linda Abrams is a TV producer and former Washington Post Fashion Editor.

Praise for Vanity: The Art of Looking Good

"Linda Abrams brings endless wit, imagination and surprise to this vivid study of our vanities and ourselves. It is fascinating history, brilliant psychology and simply a great read." —Diane Sawyer, ABC

"New angle, a fresh approach, interesting subject for every girl. A lot of fun!" —designer Nicole Miller

"An entertaining treasure trove of facts and anecdotes, brimming with eye-opening cultural perspectives." —Joyce F. Brown, President of Fashion Institute of Technology

"Witty and informative chronicle of society's quest for beauty; a must read for anyone interested in fashion." —cosmetic surgeon
Sherrell J. Aston

"Just when we thought we knew almost everything about style, along comes Vanity, which provides new insight and inspiration." —designer Barry Kieselstein-Cord


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