Thank You, Teacher, Because...

compiled by Daisy Barth
Hardcover $9.95
Here only $7.99

Thank You, Teacher, Because... was born on an early June day when Daisy, then 11, said, "Why don't you publish a book I need? A book that I can give to my teacher on the last day of school."

If you write it and draw pictures for it, and it's good, we'll publish it, we responded. But say what's in your heart, not what you think you should say."

The result is a charmingly-illustrated book that tells what real kids appreciate about certain real teachers. A few of the many thank-you reasons are:

You answer stupid questions.
You appreciate Halloween.
You laugh at my jokes.
You never run out of pencils.
You tell good stories.
You don't play favorites.
I can believe that you were once young.

Teacher Window open the window.
...cobwebs donít grow between my fingers
waiting for you to call on me.
Teacher Cobwebs
Teacher Spinach know there are things self-respecting
kids wonít eat.