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101 Things to Buy Before You Die

By Maggie Davis & Charlotte Williamson
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You—and perhaps a few people you really like—deserve the best. That’s why consummate shoppers Maggie Davis and Charlotte Williamson have created and scrupulously updated this veritable department store of beautiful apparel and accessories, fine scents and cosmetics, celebratory food and drink, distinguished house wares and sports equipment. Dozens of items have been added, some small and some major, such as a wedding dress or custom rug.

In certain instances, the exquisite choice may cost a bit more than an undistinguished facsimile. The authors, having selected 101 categories, pinpoint two to a dozen treasures in each. Many price points come into play. Nearly every selection is of striking design and impeccable function. Your pleasure in owning these estimable products should last years. And we’d hope that delightful memories of perishable delicacies would also endure.

When you buy something special, it adds to the pleasure to know your money has been well spent. Some holiday shoppers purchased several copies of the first edition of this book to give friends, often accompanied by a thoughtful little item mentioned in it. The authors navigate a global bazaar but offer you a nearby shop or convenient web address for every choice.

Surrounding yourself with the best things may be a lifetime journey. Maggie and Charlotte are realists who understand that while your inner CEO might crave a bespoke suit of the finest wool, your more immediate desire could be for a forgiving bikini. Your new best friends also tell you how to pick a red lipstick for a gal-pal, fabulous cufflinks or cozy cashmere sox for a great guy or an impressive espresso machine for the serious party-giver. There’s an idea here for everyone who cares about quality in uncertain times.

“The definitive list of what you can’t afford to live without.”
Elle Magazine
“For those who refuse to spend hard-earned dollars on anything less than the best!”
The New York Post
“A beautiful idea to fuel the desires of shopping fantasists.”
“A witty, whirlwind guide to some of the best purchases on the planet.”
San Diego Union
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