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Collecting Under the Radar

by Michael Hogben and Linda Abrams
Hardcover $26.95
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There's a knack to collecting the right thing at the right time. Small fortunes may be made from pursuing exactly what interests you: the matchbox cars or the Beanie Babies you once played with, the bright plastic jewelry your mother used to wear, funny salt and pepper shakers, space-age souvenirs, or even old cell phones. Our expert authors offer fledgling collectors hundreds of ideas about what to collect. They share priceless tips about where to start and what to look for at lawn sales, flea markets, secondhand shops, live auctions and web sites full of used stuff for sale. What a collector in these hard times needs most is good information and inspired guides. On the pages of this book, Michael Hogben and Linda Abrams point the way to overlooked and undervalued objects and to the trash of today that could turn into the treasures of tomorrow.
“This book makes other books on collectibles look antique!"
Mid-America Books
“Tricks of the trade to help you build your confidence and achieve success.”
“How to find a bargain and how to build a collection of items ranging from McDonald’s toys to phone cards to novelty salt and pepper shakers.”
“An inside look at what really happens at auctions and antique fairs.”
Antiques and Collectables
“Innovative suggestions demonstrate a keen appreciation of what will be valuable in the future. This illustrated reference is a great idea.”
Antiques Magazine