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Cookies for Grown-ups

Written by Kelly Cooper
Photos by Frank Anzalone

Hardback $23.99

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Cookie-love is forever and yet for all the remembrances it evokes, our favorite childhood cookie is not always what we want. Even Proust lived on more than madeleines.

As adults, we’re allowed to say “no” to milk, choosing instead a cup of good coffee or tea, a glass of wine, an icy cocktail or a stein of what’s on tap. Kelly Cooper knows this. She also knows how to concoct delicious, handheld treats—sweet or savory—to go with those libations.

Her sweet cookies brim with other fresh flavors, enhanced by surprise grown-up ingredients, such as Gruyère or Grand Marnier®. Unusual additions are carefully chosen to draw out the essential flavors of a cookie while adding another layer of pleasure to eating it. You may not be able to imagine precisely the favor fresh thyme does chocolate until you’ve sampled the cookie called Dark Desire.

Her savory cookies are also amazing. No solo baker invented the piquant cookie, but leading culinary writers have noticed that no one creates cocktail cookies better than Kelly Cooper does!

Redolent- a cocktail cookie flavored with garlic, red pepper and Marcona almond.

Timeless Vietnam

Photographs by Canh Tang

Hardback $29.99

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Here is Vietnam, Canh Tang's photography treasure house of what has mostly remained unchanged in his native land.

The motion and energy of life emanate from each shot. Colors interplay with form in photos of the silhouettes of fishermen on the shore against a pulsating sunrise. Detail meets simplicity in shots of skilled artisans chiseling intricate sculptures.

Complementing these extraordinary photos are translations of classical Vietnamese poetry that contextualize a land that has resisted imperial domination for thousands of years, forever retaining its unique character. The resilience and beauty of Vietnam and its peoples radiate through memory and serve as a testimony to what will survive.

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What Sea Creature Is This?

Written by Nancy Kelly Allen
Illustrations by Gloria Brown
Paperback $11.95

What Sea Creature Is This? introduces each creature by revealing one or two sensational facts about it. No reader is left guessing. The author names each creature and the artist shows what it actually looks like in its watery home. The bonus is a funny drawing of every creature that will appeal to children’s imaginations.

The animals and fish that live in the waters of the world are awesome. And they do the most amazing things. Some are shape shifters! One moment, the stonefish appears as calm as a rock lying on the sand.


This a fun guide to the lifestyles of the wet and squirmy.

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