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Introducing the CELEBRATION series of beautiful and inexpensive holiday books

Celebration! More Christmas Angels

by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

A brief and delightful history of Christmastime angels and their meanings, music and magical errands. Our award-winning author tells their story with the help of dozens of colorful images gathered from around the world.

Open this book and you'll be enchanted both by the loveliness of Ms. Trommer's writing and the antique holiday art depicting the beauty of angels from their halos to the tips of their wings.

Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer spins her magical prose from her often snow-covered home high in the mountains of Colorado. Among her earlier books is Celebration: The Christmas Candle Book, a volume of sparkling holiday poems.

Hardcover, $9.95
Only $7.99 here

Celebration! Santa Comes to Town

by Agatha E. Gilmore

On Christmas Eve, Santa will pat his flying reindeer and climb into his sleigh---as always.

As always? Not exactly. Santa, according to journalist Aggie Gilmore, has been depicted riding a donkey or a goat, or even—nearly a century ago—piloting one of those new-fangled airplanes.

The Santa of old stories and illustrations is not always round and jolly, and it took several centuries for him to add a fur-trimmed red suit to his wardrobe. This is a little book full of big surprises.

Hardcover, $9.95
Only $7.99 here

The Amazing Menorah of Mazeltown

Story by Hal Dresner & Joy Fate
Illustrations by Neil Shapiro

Only $10.99 here

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Celebration! The Christmas Flower Book

by Nina Pinsky

Ancient Celts told an odd story about mistletoe while the New World flower, poinsettia, has almost magical Yuletide significance. A rose was not just a rose to the Victorians who considered roses, along with daisies and forget-me-nots, important Christmas flowers with layers of meanings.

This charming book, illustrated with antique Christmas-cards, decodes the meanings of the holiday greens and blossoms with which we decorate our homes.

The author, a New York cooking teacher, uses the language of flowers in designing festive tables.

Hardcover, $9.95
Only $7.99 here

Celebration! The Christmas Animal Book

by Clint Viebrock

Dozens of tame or wild animals and birds, especially, have had Christmas roles. Paintings of farm animals and woodland creatures at holiday-time are a treasured legacy. Occasionally, we see animals all dressed up like people for Christmas. More often, they're part of a bucolic Noel scene.

The choice of animals for such scenes was almost never accidental, author Clint Viebrock notes. Different birds and furred animals have either symbolized different aspects of Christmas or been chosen for illustrations on the basis of either their perceived talents or looks.

Retired airline pilot Clint Viebrock treads the boards and travels the world, alighting now and then in Seattle or Denver.

Hardcover, $9.95
Only $7.99 here

Celebration! The Christmas Dog Book

By Margaret Denk

This season, dogs have their Christmas day in the Celebration series. The Christmas Dog Book revolves around a collection of antique Christmas cards, accompanied by brief narratives of dogs’ passage from the kennel to the heart of families’ Christmas celebrations. In this lovely 5½ by 5 ½ inch, 64-page hardcover, with dust jacket,. Christmas pups guard Christmas stockings or toast each other.

Hardcover, $9.95
Only $7.99 here

Celebration! The Christmas Cat Book

By Margaret Denk

In this lively book, a match in classy, colorful style to The Christmas Dog Book, the author uses Christmas card images from about 1885 to 1930 to chronicle Christmas cats. Chapter 1 looks at "Cozy Christmas Cats," beloved by Victorians and many pretty women. Chapter 2 considers the "Good-Luck Black Cat," Chapter 3 looks at "Almost Human Christmas Cats," busy with chores and full of cheeky charm.

Hardcover, $9.95
Only $7.99 here

Margaret Denk, a Chicago-based producer of short films, loves both cats and dogs.

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Choose Celebration: here comes the snow! by Rosemarie Jarsksi for brilliant insights into, and extraordinary photographs of, white crystalline glory. Perfect for snow dreamers, wherever they are. The perfect, small winter gift for yourself or another for only $7.99 here.

And discover Celebration: The Christmas Candle Book with poems of light! by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer — a stocking stuffer or perfect present for someone on your Christmas list. This charming volume displays full-color antique Christmas cards featuring candlelight, collected the world over; each accompanied by original and joyous lyrics, for only $7.99 here.

A Christmas Dinner
A Story by Charles Dickens

Foreword by Peter Ackroyd
Recipes by Alice Ross
Illustrations by Sharon Stein

Hardcover $24.95
Only $14.99 here

ePub or Kindle
Only $7.98 here

The very first Christmas story by the world’s greatest Christmas writer, with illustrations & recipes. Click here to learn more!


Celebration! The Santa Book

Agatha E. Gilmore

Once upon a time Santa Claus wore robes of many colors and had several modes of transportation. Santa's newest biographer, Aggie Gilmore, reveals many surprises about Santa's past in presenting this unique collection of antique Christmas cards gathered from around the world.

This small book is a treasure for a collector of Christmas memorabilia. The book is also set up so that each of its 32 cards may be detached and used.

Hardcover, $9.95
Only $7.99 here

Celebration! The Christmas Angel Book

By Deidre J. Fogg

An insightful history of yuletide angels and cherubs introduces this international collection of 32 luminous cards. Owners may treasure these wonderfully-reproduced old images or detach the cards for use.

Hardcover, $9.95
Only $7.99 here