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Red Pebble Books for Children
by Red Rock Press

When you see a Red Pebble Book or related product, you know that you have found something very special for children. The Red Pebble imprint signifies that we are in the land of genuine childhood, a place where fantasy is honored and where children are nurtured, not dragged, into adulthood.

What Sea Creature Is This?

Written by Nancy Kelly Allen
Illustrations by Gloria Brown
Paperback $11.95
Only $8.99 here

What Sea Creature Is This? introduces each creature by revealing one or two sensational facts about it. No reader is left guessing. The author names each creature and the artist shows what it actually looks like in its watery home. The bonus is a funny drawing of every creature that will appeal to children’s imaginations and stick in their memories.

The animals and fish that live in the waters of the world are awesome. And they do the most amazing things. Some are shape shifters! One moment, the stonefish appears as calm as a rock lying on the sand. The next second, the fish looks like a fierce warrior. Among the magicians of the deep are the sea cucumber and the sea snake. If another sea critter threatens the sea cucumber, it gets so mad that it squirts its sticky insides all over the enemy. And if the cucumber loses a body part, it just grows it back. As for the sea snake, you can see its favorite trick right here:

When we can get a good look at shellfish or scaly fish or underwater mammals, they hold our attention. Some are beautiful; others are freaky looking. The appearance of a marine citizen is just the beginning of its fascinating story. Sea creatures do the strangest things. Most of their odd-seeming behaviors increase their chances of survival. Their weird ways help capture food or scare away those who would prefer to eat them.

This a fun guide to the lifestyles of the wet and squirmy.

This is a Sponge.

The sponge is an animal but it doesn’t move around like most sea creatures. Tube and vase sponges are small but the barrel sponge is large enough for a person to climb inside.

This is a Tripod Fish.

The tripod fish has three thin, stiff fins that are used as legs. The tripod fish looks like it is on stilts, or like a camera ready to take an underwater photo.

This is a Sea Cucumber.

Some are short –– under an inch long. Others stretch out to about six feet. But even tiny sea cucumbers are tricksters. A sea cucumber can break itself into pieces to escape a predator.

“This charming account of wonders and oddities of the ocean world is lighthearted yet true to facts. Please treat your children, grandchildren or other eager, young learners to this book.”Robert A. Knox, Associate Director (emeritus), Scripps Institution of Oceanography

“The illustrations of amazing creatures in this book combine with delightful description to unlock the mystery of what lives in the deep. It's like scuba diving without getting wet!”George Z. Peterson, Monterey Aquarium; Secretary, American Academy of Underwater Sciences


The Amazing Menorah of Mazeltown

Story by Joy Fate & Harold Dresner
Illustrations by Neil Shapiro
Hardcover $16.95
Only $10.99 here

Mazeltown, in the Cry-Me-a-River valley, was a dreary village on the cold, dark days leading up to Hanukkah. Grown-ups schlepped though the streets by the inky river. Just as the holiday was to begin, Molly and Max stumbled on a most curious object in their father’s junkshop.

After they polished it, a most amazing menorah emerged, a menorah that day by day changed Mazeltown—brightening the streets, whitening the sheets, lofting the bagels, making the river glow with life and lighting up everyone’s heart.

A question for young readers:

In August, The Jerusalem Post reported that a possible mermaid had been spotted off the Israeli coast. Look closely at the cover of The Amazing Menorah of Mazeltown:
Where did she go?


The Munched-up Flower Garden

Story by Nancy Kelly Allen
Illustrations by K. Michael Crawford
Hardcover $16.95
Only $12.99 here

Paperback $10.95
Only $7.99 here

Meet the Troublesome Creek gang. Trouble seems to follow these five around as if it knew just where they lived. This spring, sassy Liz figures to plant the prettiest flower garden that’s ever grown in Troublesome Creek. She’s down in the dirt everyday, sweet talking to her pathetic sprouts, but some mysterious force bodes ill for her buds. Can Liz duck the trouble headed her way?

Nancy Kelly Allen brings a distinctive down-home voice to children’s fiction in this prickly story of gardening and rivalry down by the creek. Ms. Allen, who has been an elementary school teacher and librarian, has written several nonfiction kids books.

Nancy Kelly Allen was an honored author at the Library of Congress' 2010 National Book Festival!

K. Michael Crawford, a prizewinning illustrator with over two-dozen children’s books to her credit, lives on a Maryland farm.

 K. Michael Crawford won the 2009 Biblio Illustration Award

“Lively story...very highly recommended as an inspiring example of persistence, bravery and spirit for young readers.”Midwest Press Review


Trouble in Troublesome Creek

Story by Nancy Kelly Allen
Illustrations by K. Michael Crawford
Hardcover $16.95
Only $12.99 here

Paperback $11.95
Only $7.99 here

Now it’s James’ turn to rescue the Troublesome Creek gang.

It’s summertime and it’s baking outside We mean it’s hot! But when James leads his diverse gang to their favorite swimming hole, he sees Aunt Pearl’s flowers are bloomin’ but the fish are dead! Why? James finds the answer to this eco-mystery in a deep, dark cave on the bank of the creek. Clue: Some dangers from the faraway past live on.


In our innovative Troublesome Creek green series, every member of the Troublesome Creek gang will star in an eco-adventure! Whose turn will it be next?

Psst! Troublesome Creek is a real place in Knotts County, Kentucky, and our librarian-turned-author Nancy Kelly Allen lives near it in a log cabin like Abe Lincoln’s (but with modern stuff such as electricity) that her grand-daddy built. The folks who live near her are black, white and brown, just like the kids in the gang that stars in her books.

Thank You, Teacher, Because...

compiled by Daisy Barth

Hardcover $9.95
Only $7.99 here

Thank You, Teacher, Because... was born on an early June day when Daisy, then 11, said, "Why don't you publish a book I need? A book that I can give to my teacher on the last day of school."

If you write it and draw pictures for it, and it's good, we'll publish it, we responded. But say what's in your heart, not what you think you should say."

The result is a charmingly-illustrated book that tells what real kids appreciate about certain real teachers. A few of the many thank-you reasons are:

You answer stupid questions.
You appreciate Halloween.
You laugh at my jokes.
You never run out of pencils.
You tell good stories.
You don't play favorites.
I can believe that you were once young.

Teacher Window open the window.
...cobwebs don’t grow between my fingers
waiting for you to call on me.
Teacher Cobwebs
Teacher Spinach know there are things self-respecting
kids won’t eat.


Red Pebble believes that every child should have a birthday party—even if he or she has had one before! That's right. No child ever minds growing older and each and every kid deserves to have the date of his or her birth celebrated every year. But here at Red Pebble, we also take pity on harried adults (such as ourselves). That's why we've invented Birthday Party in a Bag.

New! Original! A Life Saver for Parents!

Only $27.99 here

Or, only $12.99 here for the book alone

Forget about an expensive, hard-to-plan and over-wrought birthday party! Birthday Party in a Bag includes a hardcover copy of the acclaimed new children's book, Where Do The Balloons Go? (for children ages 3-8) by Elena Davis, which is about a splendid birthday party in Balloonland, where balloon fairies (of both genders) live with their balloon pets.

This over-sized book makes a splendid birthday present, and reading it aloud is just part of your party fun!

To read reviews of this book, click here.

You'll want to make sure that your child's guests all get a good look at the glorious paintings by the award-winning artist Anna Jurinich because they are also key to the party entertainment!

Birthday Party in a Bag includes a professional easy-to-use balloon pump, which will serve you reliably for your Where Do The Balloons Go? party, and for years to come. Plus you get 100 special, pencil balloons and simple directions for making the party hats and critters featured in the story. (You can make these beforehand if you prefer.)

The one certainty is that Birthday Party in a Bag can turn any adult into a gifted children's entertainer!! Just add a cake and the right number of candles and you have a complete birthday party including gift and favors.


Heading to the Wedding:

You’re Invited to Join Patrick and Evie on the Great Adventure of Becoming (Almost) Perfect Guests
Story by Sara F. Shacter
Illustrations by Christine Thornton
Hardcover $18.95
Only $9.99 here

An entertaining and instructive story that will defuse wedding couples’ #1 concern: Will young guests mar our big day?

Every child invited to a wedding needs this amusing book to learn who’s who, what’s what and how to behave at a wedding while still having a great time. Its story is a delight for readers of all ages. Beautifully illustrated, Heading to the Wedding, is the first book on its topic and will appeal to children and concerned parents.

Sara F. Shacter, former English teacher and mother of young twin boys, wrote this to prepare hers sons for the honor of one day being wedding guests.

Christine Thornton, art teacher, used her elementary-school age girl and boy as models for the children in the book.

Both the author and illustrator lives in the Chicago area.



Meanwhile, Red Pebble is bringing lucky children, four to eight, to the amazing location of Balloonland.

Hardcover $16.95
Only $12.99 here

To fly along with them, you can buy Where Do the Balloons Go? right now.


To Mom, I Love You Because...

by Tomoe Sasaki Farley
Paperback $10.95
Only $7.99 here

Tomoe Sasaki Farley, a brilliant young Japanese artist turned New Yorker, offers thirty whimsical and amusing but, above all, universally-true reasons that a child of any age (even middle age) loves mom.

In art and a few well-chosen words she says it better than you or I could but in the very way each of us would like to honor mom on Mother's Day, on her birthday, on any other gift-giving occasion or just because she is mom.

Have a peek at just a couple of reasons.

Mom, I Love You Because... made sure I was the warmest kid
in the neighborhood. made a bath seem like an adventure. gave me strength when I needed it. looked like a queen when you
dressed up.

“If you love your mom , you’ll get a kick out of this well-put-together book. It has eye appeal and will be a keepsake. Farley’s drawings are touched with whimsy— you’ll chuckle over each of them.”—Midwest Book Review


Pop, You Rock Because...

by Tomoe Sasaki Farley
Paperback $10.95
Only $7.99 here

Tomoe Sasaki Farley’s ode to dads is as memorable a warm and amusing tribute as her Mom book. Sons and daughters (from Tokyo to Santiago) honor papa because... wore that stupid tie I gave you. did the heavy lifting.

...filling your shoes meant more than growing big feet.