Where Do The Balloons Go?

Written by Elena Davis
Illustrations by Anna Jurinich
Hardcover $16.95
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Featured in Publishers Weekly

This enchanting answer to a near-universal question reveals a land where fairies patch balloons and slide down the necks of their pet balloon-giraffes. Over twenty original paintings by the prizewinning Yugoslav-American artist, Anna Jurinich, introduce balloon fairies, winged charmers who eat the hot-air insides of popovers and recycle their like-new balloons in aid of their pals, the tooth fairies.

From Where Do the Balloons Go?

The plot, action sequences and language use in Where Do the Balloons Go? have been vetted (and improved) by kindergarten through grade-four teachers and their students at the Trinity School in New York, New York.

Reviewed in Foreword Magazine
by Anne Stewart

"Big pages burst with color and light, framed by a sky-blue background. The fairies are child-like, wearing simple shifts in a rainbow of colors and small white-feathered wings perched between their shoulders. The award-winning illustrator has shown her watercolors in New York galleries and has illustrated cookbooks. These are her first children's illustrations, and they evoke a timeless quality on each page, with a carefully constructed, dreamy cloudscape. Her color palette offers a gentle kind of delight."

Reviewed on KidsBookshelf.com
by Christina Lewis

"A delightful fantasy that will have you wondering the next time you see a balloon go up and up in the sky until it disappears. (Ages 4-8)"

Reviewed in Midwest Book Review

"Where Do The Balloons Go? is a charming children's picturebook fantasy by Elena Davis about the magical place of Balloon Land, where balloons fairies and their balloon pets live. One day a year is the birthday party of the Balloon Fairy Queen; it is a joyful time, but also dangerous, as it is the one day in which a terrible weapon becomes uncovered - a big sharp pin! A delightful and fantastic romp of fun and imagination, splendidly illustrated in full color by Anna Jurinich, Where Do The Balloons Go? is simply wonderful reading and a recommended addition to school and community library collections."

Reviewed in The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio

"Where Do the Balloons Go? (Red Rock Press, $16.95) is an elaborate creation. Where do the balloons go after they slip a child's grasp and float away? What about the ones snagged in the trees?

"Just as ancient peoples invented tales to explain what they didn't understand, author Davis spins a fantastical fable about lost balloons. They go to balloon fairies who live on clouds. There's a castle made of lost balloons, with a queen, and balloon mice playing flutes and drums, and fairy children riding balloon horses and sliding down balloon giraffes.

"The tooth fairies are there, too. Those lost teeth come in handy for the fairy children who need them to crunch through a birthday-party feast. Large paintings by Anna Jurinich bring this fairy tale to life."


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