A Year of Book Giving

We at Red Rock Press believe in the gift of books all year long. A book is a present that lasts; its words and images can be enjoyed time and time again. A book lives in the mind even when it is not at hand. And a gift book reminds its recipient of its giver even when that person is far away.

Here is a calendar of ideas about when and why you might want to give a Red Rock Press book. We offer it humbly, for you surely realize that the gift of a book is welcome any time.




Don't forget, New Year in the Buddhist wold arrives soon. See it happen in Timeless Vietnam.

Resolve not to be taken in by alluring ads, with the help of
Outrageous Ads, a hilarious treasury celebrates an age of innocence (or idiocy) when advertisers could tell us any old thing.

Consider Celebration: Here Comes the Snow, a crystalline collection of classic black and white snow photos paired with snowy witticisms.


For him

You're My Guy Because...
by Patricia Storms
This book of witty reasons is for him, the man of the moment or your man of the ages. In winning words with amusing illustrations, it reveals how true affection is built from little things that mean a lot. Valentine's Day, birthday or any day, the guy who receives this will be a most happy fella.

For her

You're My Woman Because...
by Patrick J. Murphy
This lovely book of reasons, each paired with an original illustration by the Irish painter, Patrick Murphy, will help you woo her or keep her.

Share the great romances of history and the best of love in poetry and art by savoring Lust, Love and Longing by Eileen Morgan with your own true love on Valentine's Day.

Cheer up an unattached friend and join her in a laugh-and-learn, read-aloud session of Never Kiss a Frog: a Girl's Guide to Creatures from the Dating Swamp.


This spring cleaning season, dust off your attic and basement treasures. Decide what to sell to finance your summer vacation, and what to buy at spring and summer tag sales and auctions. Your best guide for this is Collecting Under the Radar: Tomorrow's Antiques.

Now about that vacation—whether you're armchair dreaming or actually planning, Around the World in Eighty Meals is the stuff of memories and wishes, with recipes from great restaurants on Phileas Fogg's route.


Meet the Troublesome Creek gang. In Volume I of this new children's series, The Munched-up Flower Garden, Liz decides to grow a garden that will dazzle the county fair judges. She sweet talks her pathetic little sprouts "‘til the goat comes home." Author Nancy Kelly Allen has an original down-home voice while prizewinning illustrator K. Michael Crawford works from a bright and true palette.

In Volume II, Trouble in Troublesome Creek, another of the gang, James, takes charge. Skirting the gorgeous flower garden, he leads the gang to the rope that sails above their creek swimming hole, to discover the fish are belly up? What’s killing them? In a dark bank-side cave, he discovers the startling answer.


To Mom, I Love You Because... by Tomoe Sasaki Farley lists thirty reasons why you love your mother and want to honor her on Mother's Day. It also contains the thirty little paintings you'd create for your mother if only you were an artist.

You can’t go wrong giving your favorite new high school, college or advanced-degree graduate Wisdom & Wack for the Graduate. These pearls of wisdom in this illustrated keepsake gleam with wit.

School's Out! Or soon will be. And we have the perfect present for the elementary or middle school student's favorite instructor, Thank you, Teacher Because...


Honor and amuse Dad on Father’s Day with Pop, You Rock Because. Most of the reasons in this book for caring about Dad are your reasons in apt words with brilliant cartoons. Way better than a Father’s Day card.

Start your summer right with Michael Turback’s mouthwatering More than a Month of Sundaes. You might learn some soda fountain logo. Ice cream history reveals what's below the toppings in Americans' lives as well as in their desserts. You'll learn how to create easy surprise sundaes. P.S. This makes a great Father’s Day gift.

Off to sleep away camp or school, check out Living with a Gamer, Living with an Emo Kid or Living with the Next Big Thing: Diva Division. Attention parents: With the help of these books, you can stop being hapless and start laughing your way to harmony at home.

If you are getting married this month (or any month), Heading for the Wedding, by Sara Shacter and Christine Thornton, is the entertainingly instructive book that you want to make sure that all your guests (ages three to 12) read before they arrive at the wedding. Get it into their little hands soon!


Summertime is balloon time, but a balloon may waft away or get snagged in a tree, and then a small voice asks, Where Do the Balloons Go? The Elena Davis book answers its title question with a fable of balloon fairies in a balloon castle with balloon pets, and magical watercolors by Anna Jurinich.

Summer vacation by the sea? Don't forget the sun block and, for your child, What Sea Creature is This?


Check out
The Best Little Book of Preserves & Pickles now in time to preserve the bounty of summer.

Red Rock Press has no better recommendation for lawn-chair or beach-blanket reading and laughing than Dale Burg's Sloth: Ode to Disarray and Delay. We rest our case.


It's time to reap...from your garden or market. A White House Garden Cookbook tells the story of first-family garden and shows what you can make all those tomatoes, vegetables and herbs. You can eat like a President and get tour kids cooking with you. With many tips from childrens' gardens across the country.

It's time to put your shoulder to the wheel and all that. Surely, there's a better way to make money? Help a friend or client find out (and enjoy himself) with Greed & Its Rewards by Drew Fetherston.

It's also time for your book group to meet. If you want to eat on theme, A Reader's Cookbook by James Beard winner Judith Choate has a recipe to match the setting of any book.


Do grown-ups get to dress up or put on masks, too? You bet we do. The desire to look spectacular is innate. Trust us, the enlightening and beautiful Vanity: The Art of Looking Good, by Linda Abrams, is not just for the fashionista in your life. But if you were thinking of something weirder for Halloween, consider Envy, Anger &Sweet Revenge: Hey, It Works in Hollywood by Stephen M. Silverman.



'Tis the season to start feasting. So, how about Gluttony: More is More by Nan Lyons? This is the book New York Magazine food critic Gael Greene said she could not live without.

And whether you've started cookie dreaming or not and even if you're an utter newbie, it's time for sophisticated Cookies for Grown-ups.a>Easy to make nuggets of deliciousness, each pair withed with a grown-up drink..


A Christmas Dinner By Charles Dickens was the master storyteller's first Christmas table. Our colorfully illustrated edition is introduced by Peter Ackroyd, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and the chief literary critic of The Times of London. This gift book contains 40 pages of Dickens-family holiday recipes adapted for contemporary cooks by distinguished culinary historian Alice Ross, who writes the “Hearth to Hearth” column in The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles.

Remember the Jewish Children—The Amazing Menorah of Mazeltown needs to be one of your eight Hanukkah gifts to a child under 12. A magical story of how eight miracles of light—sunlight, water-light and lightheartedness among them—transformed a sad, gray town.

I’d Bark But You Never Listen, An Illustrated Guide to the Jewish Dog, written and illustrated by Harold Kimmel, a top Hollywood humor writer, is an edgy collection of illustrated jokes reveals the innermost thoughts of independent-minded dogs.

There can be no better gift for a Hanukkah host or hostess than In My Father's Bakery: A Bronx Memoir by Marvin Korman.

The Christmas Cat Book and The Christmas Dog Book are also hard covers with dust jackets. One tells of cozy Christmas Cats and good-luck black cats. The other explores how--- with a little help from Queen Victoria--- dogs moved from the kennel to the heart of Christmas homes. Stunning images in both.

Our Christmas CELEBRATION stocking stuffers for kids from 8 to 80, each gorgeously illustrated with an international array of antique jewel-toned Christmas cards, include:

The Christmas Animal Book—a lively exploration of the iconic roles of a merry menagerie.

The Christmas Flower Book—a charmer that decodes the language of Noel greenery and fragrant blossoms.

Santa Comes to Town—a history of Santa's wardrobe of many colors, various Christmas Eve transportation modes and much else.

More Christmas Angels—an enchanting look at the winged lovelies who herald the holidays in song and action.

The Christmas Candle Books—a poetic journey into the meanings of Yuletide light and lightheartedness.

You might want to give The Christmas Angel Book or The Santa Book to a relative, friend or business associate early-on, because each contains 32 useable Christmas cards. But then again, many recipients will want to keep these treasures intact.